About us

Check out the video. It is about how we operate. And how we could be of service for you. Video is still only in Estonian. Sorry about that.

Podcastrent options

We will record your podcast with high-quality Shure MV7X microphones. You want a cleaner setup? We also have Rode Wireless microphones. These microphones are more discreet and invisible to the camera.
We have three camera angles where we use Sony 4K cameras to record your video podcasts. We can host 4 person on site for your podcast. There is an option to add as many participants as we need at the moment through a phone call or Zoom, Skype. We can display them on our studio TV. For the audience we can display this as a forth camera angle. You can show media via Airplay on the studio TV.
The layout of the studio is configurable to suit you and the only limit is your imagination. We use Tascam Mixcast to capture and record audio. Video is live edited with Blackmagic Atem video console to save time in post production. We can host your live podcast, take in phone calls. After recording you will receive live edit of you podcast. There is a need to trim the edges before posting and we can help you with that. We will tailor fit the recorded material to suit you, add images or videos to the video. Final edit shared via cloud service.


“Focus on content and trust recording to us.”

Quote by Our mic